To love - and be loved
That's what life's -all aboutKeeps the stars - coming out

To love - and be loved
That's what life's -all aboutKeeps the stars - coming out

I'm Brianna.

My brand philosophy is connected to every one of my sessions. I'll see you, like really see you, if you let me. We'll get vulnerable, joyous, and intimate. As long as I'm on this journey I promise to capture moments you want frozen in time, highlighting the beautiful family chaos you want to remember forever. Those perfectly imperfect moments that are equal parts beautiful and feel like home.

My story.

The pandemic and lockdowns affected everyone differently. For us, it was a time of quiet retreat. We look back on that time fondly, even though there was so much outward chaos and unsettling energy. We relished the extra time we had. It felt like we were cheating. 

When the world opened back up, we emerged slowly. Taking to the outdoors and exploring all of the beauty that we had onced overlooked while we lived busy lives. It was through that emergence that I discovered photographing my girls. With a gifted camera from my husband, I started freezing moments that I wanted to remember forever.It was my way of remembering the enchantment that lived in their eyes as we explored gardens, mountains, forests, and rivers. I enjoyed that season of life in its purest form.

When we lost my little sister in 2022, my work changed. I started seeking deeper meaning and connection through loss, and used photography as a way to heal - I still do. With this in mind I promise to show you the magic of your day-to-day life through my lens and reflect back to you the best, most authentic version of yourselves.

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